Hindu Groups protest at Tirumala seeking probe into chief preist’s allegations

Source: The Newsminute.

A few Hindu organisations held protests and staged a demonstration against the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) on Saturday, questioning its decision to shunt out chief priest AV Ramana Deekshitulu after he made major allegations against the governing board of the temple.

Demanding a probe into the allegations made by Ramana, Hindu Chaitanya Samithi president T. Omkar told reporters that an inquiry must also be conducted to make the details of the presiding deity’s ornaments public.

According to reports, the ornaments and jewels in question were donated to the temple atop Tirumala during the Srikrishnadevaraya era.

Ramana had alleged that some of the jewels had been missing for a long time now, but the TTD had refused to make the information public.

The Rayalaseema Porata Samithi (RPS) also expressed doubts about the safety of the jewels, telling a media outlet that a report about a missing diamond by the Chief Vigilance & Security Officer from 2001, should be made public.

The demonstrations broke out after the TTD relieved chief priest A V Ramana Deekshitulu of his duties on Friday.

To read full news -> https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/hindu-groups-protest-tirumala-seeking-probe-chief-priest-s-allegations-81606

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