Chennai: 11 idols in sack found dumped in Podavur lake [Excerpts]

Source: – Deccan Chronicle.

Chennai: About 11 idols of Goddess Amman tied up inside a sack were dumped in Podavur lake near Sunguvarchatti ram in Kancheepuram district on Monday evening. Local farmers who were washing their cattle in the lake stumbled upon the sack after their feet hit the sack around 8 pm.

On checking, they were surprised to find gold coloured idols and soon the information spread and people from nearby villagers rushed to the lake.
Sriperumbudur police too rushed to the scene along with revenue officials on learning about the incident. The idols were carefully recovered from the lake and divers went in to find if there were any other sacks present inside.

On verification, it was found that there were 11 idols- mostly of goddess Amman. While initially it was thought that the idols were made of gold, it was later found out that the idols were made of black stone and coated with gold.

To read the full article –

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