Need to find out alternative system for maintenance of temples [Excerpts]

Source: – The Hans India.

Rajamahendravaram: Minister for Endowments Pydikondala Manikyala Rao has underlined the need to find out an alternative system with autonomous status for the maintenance and supervision of temples.

Speaking to The Hans India here on Friday, he said there is a need to bring out the temples from government control. The autonomous bodies should be accountable towards devotees, he added. Moreover, the autonomous bodies can prevent the encroachment of temple properties, he opined.

In a secular State, how far it is justifiable to run the temples under government control, he questioned? Though the temples under government control are functioning well it is inevitable to bail them out from government control.

Except in South India, temples are functioning under autonomous organisations but they are not providing facilities and there is no accountability. “As a Minister I am also having many pressures from many quarters relating to various aspects,” he said. “There is no government involvement in the maintenance of mosques and churches why we cannot implement the same to Hindu temples,” he wondered.

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