Appeal to PM Narendra Modi for Freeing Hindu Temples

An appeal to Prime Minster Narendra Modi for freeing Hindu (and Jain) temples from government control.

Please call the PM on “Tollfree number 1800 11 7800″ and leave the following message. Lines open only for few weeks before each edition of #MannKiBaat.

Please feel free to translate or modify this message and send this in your own words and your own regional language.

Namaste Modi ji,

I am sure you are aware that almost all states of India have state enforced acts such as the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) which control all activities of temples including the donations that temple worshippers make to these temples. In a state that calls itself secular, blatantly interferes in religious matters of Hindu (including Jains), and Hindus only; churches, mosques & even gurudwaras are not interfered with at all nor are their donations meddled with in any way.

Recently, the communist government of Kerala took over the ancient Parthasarathy Temple. Desperate devotees are calling for stopping all ‘Hundi donations’ in the temple.

In Tamil Nadu alone, Rs.6000 Crore is the estimated potential annual rental income from land owned by temples. Only if they were to be freed from govt’s clutches. This money could be used for running Veda Pathshalas, Gaushala, Schools, Colleges, Ayurvedic Hospitals. This would re-energise and re-invigorate Dharma. Imagine the potential temples released from all state governments in India would have in promoting Dharmic causes across India and the world.

This is the only place we Hindus call our own. Why are we having to fight for our right to administer our temples in our own land?

You can change this in the next Parliament session. Control of temples is a concurrent subject — thus can be legislated by both Center and State. With one central legislation you can free Hindu (including Jain) temples from State control, and handover the administration and control to devotees. Let them form Trusts or Societies to administer them just like companies are run by Corporate Boards.

I, <my name>, resident of <city, state> urge you to “free my temples”.



  1. Temples must be freed from Govt administration simply because they don’t fall in the domain of the Govt, as has been the case with Mosques and Churches. The system of administration in the Chilkur Balaji temple in Hyd should be replicated throughout the length and breadth of the country.


  2. I strongly urge you to free our temples.We have survived .we will survive.Give us equal rights as indian citizens.Why are we a second class citizens in our own country.


  3. Govt to keep it’s hands off the Hindu temples, and it’s collection, administration, least of all use the collection for the benefit of other religions. Not acceptable.


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