Tension in Ettumanoor Temple as Devaswom officials came to inspect “Ezharaponnana” (seven-and-a-half golden elephants)

Source: – http://www.janmabhumidaily.com/news713804

Malayalam dailies report that tension prevails in Ettumanoor Temple area, as a result of the efforts of Devaswom officials to check the condition of ”Ezharaponnana” today. Devotees and temple organisations allege that the attempt is to melt down the golden elephants in the guise of refurbishment. They blocked the entry of the expert committee into the strong room where ‘Ezharaponnanas’ are kept.

Everything started after a note by the Temple priest, to the Devaswom commissioner that ‘Ezharaponnanas’ have met with some damages. Then a refurbishment was planned. But devotees says that Devaswom commissioner should not interfere in this case as this do not come under his responsibilities. According to their opinion, this has to be solved by a team of Priest, Devaswom and Devotees. They also demanded a proper Devaprasnam to know the opinion of the deity.

Featured Image: – YouTube.

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