Kerala Govt to Takeover More Than 1000 Temples in Malabar


Recently there has been a recommendation by Malabar Devaswom Commission to completely take over more than 1000 private temples of Malabar region, including the temples under the Zamorin Raja, former kings of the Calicut kingdom. The Commission will give the report to Kerala Government soon and the Government plans to implement the Commission report as soon as possible. The royal family of Zamorin is moving court against this move.

There are over 60+ temples under control of the Zamorin’s Devaswom today, including Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda temple. Apart from this there are almost 1000 other temples under private trusts in Malabar region. Although all of these temples are already under Malabar Devaswom board for namesake, they are run by private trusts and Devaswoms. The current move is to completely bring the control of these temples under the Malabar Devaswom board.

Malabar Devaswom board will then become similar to the functioning of Cochin and Travancore Devaswom boards. Adv. Gopalakrishnan, who was instructed by the Kerala govt to make rules and regulations for the Malabar Devaswom board which for now only holds namesake authority over the temples of Malabar, was the one who gave the report regarding this. Some of the important recommendations made are – moving all economical matters of all temples into one account, giving same amounts to every temple, bringing employment related decisions directly under the control of Malabar Devaswom etc.

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