Temple Plan to Melt Down Golden Antique Rouses Descendants of Cochin Royals

Source:- https://thewire.in/38468/temple-plan-to-melt-down-golden-antique-rouses-descendants-of-cochin-royals/

New Delhi: The officials of the Cochin Devaswom Board – who were preparing to destroy the only example of antique golden headgear in Kerala and perhaps, the whole of India – are in for a formal surprise when a case on the matter before the Kerala high court is heard Wednesday.

Although they might have learned of it from other sources, they will be presented with a copy of the Supreme Court’s order, passed by the vacation bench on May 23, staying the destruction of the antique headgear.

Taking no chances with electronic transmission of the order, a special messenger carrying the court’s order flew down from New Delhi on May 24 in order to hand over a copy to the board officials, who were scheduled to assemble on Wednesday to implement their decision.

The Supreme Court’s vacation bench comprising justices Prafulla C. Pant and D.Y. Chandrachud heard Sanjay Varma, a member of the Cochin royal family, through his counsel, on May 23, and issued notice on the special leave petition against the Kerala high court’s order upholding the impending destruction. The bench directed both Varma and the other petitioners and the board to maintain the status quo in respect of the headgear prevailing as on date.

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