How a ‘secular’ India selectively interferes in religious rights of Hindus and appeases Muslims, Christians

  Hindu Muslim Christian
Scope of the Acts like T.N. HR & CE Act, 1959 or the 1987 Andhra Pradesh Religious Endowments Act


All institutions including Temples, Mutts and Endowments Only Trusts and Endowments. Places of worship i.e. Mosques are not included.


No Acts or legislation to regulate or control Christian Institutions or Trusts


Executive Officer Appointed by Commissioner who is a Govt. Servant Appointed by non- Government Wakf Board


No such appointments


Status of Executive Officer Government Servant Non-Government Person alone can be appointed


No such appointments


Powers under the acts General Superintendence and control of Temples, Mutts, endowments and their properties. Can Supervise only properties of Wakfs


None. No Special Acts based on Christian Religion exist to control or even supervise

Properties, trusts or places of worship


Interference in religious matters High level of interference in Hindu religious matters including daily Poojas Interference in religious matters specifically prohibited




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