16% of all your temple donations reaches Tamil Nadu govt coffers

The Tamil Nadu HR&CE Department charges the temples the following fee, ironically, for squatting and controlling our temples:

  1. An audit fee of 4% of the annual temple income – Hundi donations, receipt donations, temple-owned rental incomes
  2. 12% Administrative Fee for having its government-appointed officers control how your temples run

To put point one in context, imagine if an accounting firm such as KPMG/ PWC/ others told Reliance Industries that they would charge 4% of the entire group’s annual revenue – is this possible anywhere in the corporate world? Then why by what god-given right does the Tamil Nadu government control our temples, and then charge an absurd 4% of each temple’s annual revenue.

To bring more context to this, the Tamil Nadu government is taking away 16% of YOUR DONATIONS given to temples. This is a tax after you’ve paid all your taxes.


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