Why Freeing Temples Is Important For Hinduism To Flourish!

This is a battle that MUST BE WON. In this one move we can:

  1. Stop conversions of Hindus to Abrahamic religions
    • we could  defeat the nasty Missionary-money and Gulf-money led religious conversion programs which subvert the national integrity of our nation
  2. Stop temple thefts
    • temple property thefts, including theft of murthis happens in connivance with government officials, who unlike the worshippers have no self-interest in preservation of their deities
  3. Revive dying arts and dance forms including temple architecture
    • temples have been at the center of the Hindu way of life; dance, science, arts, learning of vedas, even commercial contracts between merchants all used to be maintained under the aegis of temples
  4. Revive Vedic pathshalas and learning
  5. Integrate various castes and jatis into the temple community
    • It is incorrect to think of temples as the strong-hold of Brahmins. Nothing is far from the truth. Various communities have always been engaged in the economic activities around our temples
  6. Bring millions of people back into the Hindu fold
    • There is an urgent need for Hinduism to become missionary and win back the numbers it has lost over 800 years. When temples have money they can engage other religions in missionary activity
  7. Start large scale social welfare activities such as modern schools, orphanages, Ayurvedic clinics, build and run sports facilities, publishing dharmic books, etc. benefitting millions of people from all walks of society in India

  Temple money back in the hands of practicing Hindus can re-establish dharmic values and narratives in this country. All this leading to a political and social integration of the nation!

Here’s a video of a presentation by Sh. TR Ramesh on the potential of social welfare only if rental incomes of temples were controlled by the temples:

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