Temples Have Been the Center of Hindu Life!

Here is an excellent presentation published by IndiaFacts which talks about the same idea of temples being at the center Hindu society .


Sanjeev Sanyal in this talk speaks about how temples were at the center of the massive decentralized trade network which made (and kept) India an economic superpower controlling about 33% of the world’s GDP until about 1100AD. He explains that traders in this time were working as merchant guilds, and that much of the financing of the risky voyages they took in the Indian Ocean rim were actually funded by the decentralized temples. It was the temples which acted as banks.

Sanjeev goes on to share that when the Turkic invasions happened the entire trade network suddenly collapsed because the Islamic invaders not only targeted the temples for their money, but to possibly also subvert the tremendous economic trade power they exerted. He has explained that it was the same idea of subverting India’s proud scientific, literary, martial and philosophical history that the Nalanda University was burnt for 6 months and monks culled (Ref: http://www.pragyata.com/mag/distortion-of-indian-history-281 ; 25 mins).

You should also listen to J Sai Deepak’s talk — he also spends time discussing the various dance and art forms, and entire communities which had their names associated with the services they offered to temples.

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